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Conscious Parenting Book Review: Wisdom, Inspiration, Love

Conscious Parenting - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Beautiful! Inspiring! A must have for all the parents! I do not read parenting books because I believe that there is a lot of misconception around raising kids and parenting. I cringe when a child is let to cry, when a mum follows the 'rules' of various punishments and rewards, when kids are given games and tablets to keep them quiet. Nuit within the Conscious Parenting Course puts an emphasis on the importance of healthy nutrition, healthy sleeping habits, the strong routine within the day / week / month family patterns and yet she constantly comes back to this lovely unconditional trust in the kids and their ability to connect with their souls, in the kids inner knowledge. Putting the parenting love above all, returning to the inner peace, respecting the game of life, working with positive parenting, simplicity parenting, spiritual parenting is within all 12 modules of the course. This book is a treasure and I often return to its secrets and wisdom.